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Production process will directly affect the cost of production parts, the parts to be sampled are usually small batches. Sheet metal processing is usually used if there is no specific indication of subsequent processing capacity. If there are lots of sheet metal parts, sheet metal processing is inferior to stamping processing. Why is sheet metal processing widely used? What advantages does it have? Precision sheet metal processing manufacturers want to talk to you.


First of all, we should understand the content of sheet metal processing process. There are cutting, deburring, bending, secondary processing, spraying and other processing technology. These processes are done manually by removing burrs, and the rest is done by machines. Precision sheet metal processing manufacturers believe that these processes can be mechanized and automated through positioning fixtures, thus greatly improving the processing efficiency and production quality of parts. Cutting equipment is an obvious example. CNC punches, laser machines and shearing machines of cutting equipment all adopt positioning fixture automation. These equipments set the origin and X and Y coordinates before leaving the factory, and use NC punch to solve the advantages of sheet metal processing.



1. The number of stamping operations is simple and convenient. It has advantages for complex workpieces, but the thickness should be within the machinable range. After the programming is completed, the circuit board can be processed automatically. In addition to the need to invest a certain amount of cost in the early stage, the low cost of investment in the later stage can help enterprises improve economic efficiency.


2. Quality of finished products. The quality of stamping parts is very good. The stamping parts not only have high precision and smoothness, but also make the products consistent.


3. NC punch has high production efficiency. The digital punch can realize the batch production of parts, and the production speed is fast. Sheet metal processing not only has fast speed and good quality, but also has a variety of processing methods, such as single punch, continuous punch and array punch.


In summary, precision sheet metal processing manufacturers believe that the advantages of NC stamping process are very suitable for the future development of production technology, not only for the production efficiency and quality of enterprises, but also for manual technology, which improves the production quality and reduces production costs. It is also the future direction of technological development.